JG OUTSIDER is not a new artist on the electronic music scene, also known as Javi Golo, JG OUTSIDER is a dj and producer with many productions in his career. 

In his music catalogue there are productions from the progressive trance of the 90’s where his style created a very personal sound, working with Gary-D on his d-trance compilations, taking his productions all over europe and playing in germany with Nostrum, Commander Tom and Gary-D to projects like 2 rare people with a sound more focused on techno/vocal electronic pop with a dark sound that always accompanies JG OUTDISER, where he ventured into live performances that led him to play with Orbital, remixed by Pascal Feos ,Jack De Marseille and Mark Broom among others and his music played by Oxia, Carl Cox, Angel Molina and performing at festivals and even in the legendary Rex in Paris. 

Nowadays his sound is balanced and with the accumulated experience he takes his music to the melodic and progressive techno sound, mixed in some productions with ethnic sounds and the most retro sound going into the Synthwave, Ebm and the more Indie Dance wave. 

JG OUTSIDER is working with Espacio Cielo, Nein Records, Ultranza Records and several projects with Krafted Underground. His current work is focused on a live set-live mixing digital and analogue taking it to a more creative terrain and with a more energetic sound in the live shows to bring to the dancefloor all the energy to enjoy his sound.