Founded in 2020, Electronic Music Anthem Agency specializes in the distribution and promotion of finely selected electronic music. 

We are dedicated to creating carefully curated platforms where local and international artists and labels can share their work, collaborate and discover new talent. 

Electronic Music Anthem is a booking, artist management and event management agency based in France. Our main objective is the organization of tours and events dedicated to new rhythms and electronic music forms. 

Electronic Music Anthem distinguishes itself  by the continuous development and the loving care of the artists represented. Recognized for our artistic demands, our roster covers a wide range of genres and strong identities. 

Whether you need DJ artists or a live performance, we are the agency you need. Electronic Music Anthem customises your event. As a specialised entertainment provider, we work closely with you to make your event a memorable one. With our talented artists and excellent management team, we strive to provide you and your audience with the best possible experience. 

All of our artists speak several foreign languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Arabic, which makes it easy to connect with fans around the world. 

It will be our pleasure to organize an event for the required period of time. Our competent team will do its best to create a special atmosphere that you will remember for a long time. Let us know when you are planning the event to be organised and what special features the programme should meet. We have many options to suit your needs; Indie Dance, Deep Organic, Progressive House, Melodic Techno & House.